Michel Vaillancourt

Writer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Morell, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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I was born just after man landed on the moon. I grew up with New Wave and Friday Night Videos as the soundtrack to my teen years. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that I bought with money I earned from Sea Cadet camp. I was a geek when it wasn't cool, tapped into an international FidoNet and an Internet no one knew about at 1200 baud.

My Mom was a Navy Wife; my Dad was an Officer and a gentleman. I stole my Dad's National Geographic and Popular Science magazines. My Mom gave me her wisdom, patience and and enough rope.

The Berlin Wall fell during my first try at University. I served during the Persian Gulf War as the first shocks of the New World Order started rippling outwards.

I was married, had a wonderful son, and divorced. I've gotten remarried, to an amazing friend and bright light in my world.

I'm into Steampunk, the Society for Creative Anachronism, table-top Role-Playing Games, and MMORPG gaming. Hal-Con, WolfCon, NovaCon, ConSeption, DraCONis, Steamcon.

I've been running table-top role-playing games like "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Traveller" long enough that some fans and friends convinced me to go pro. That's taking some getting used to as a concept.

I'm a 30-year IT professional that started with NetWare, and currently specializes in Asterisk and Ruby.

I was an independent consultant, running the JKL-5 Group, but I'm looking for a salary hire these days.

I'm an author, writing "The Sauder Diaries" steampunk series, and "The Ironclad Exile" dieselpunk novel.

I spend my summer days tinkering with aquaponics, and trying to put a "lake in a box".

I can be found livestreaming on Twitch.tv some evenings as "902PE_Gaming".

I've been around the world in 180 days. I'm thinking about building an Earthship. I still fight with swords. I'm a feminist; he / him works for me.

I'm a bit complicated, a bit hard-nosed and a bit soft-hearted. My friends are my awesome.

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