Michel Wacker


I create HTML5 and Unity games as the Lead Developer of my own little game studio, Gentle Troll Entertainment.

With over ten years of game development experience, I design game concepts and offer consulting services to make your game a rich experience and successful reality – on many platforms.

Coming from a strong Flash background, I easily transitioned to JavaScript and Canvas based game frameworks such as ImpactJS and Phaser, which is grown to become my personal favorite.

With (especially mobile) browsers running frequent updates in their persuit of adapting to the new standard, developing HTML 5 games is a challenging and exciting endeavor where creating something sustainable requires care and attention.

In between client projects, I spend my time organising our Franconian game developer community, Indie Outpost, or working on my own games and apps such as the interactive children's book "Die Brille" ("The Glasses"), which we successfully crowd funded on the German platform Startnext.

  • Work
    • Gentle Troll Entertainment GmbH
  • Education
    • Computer Science