Michelle "Chaella" Boddie

Visual Artist, Christmas Decor Stager-Stylist, and Website Designer in Atlanta, GA

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Hello, there and thank-you for visiting my online sites! Here's a 'Bio' about me:

Believes Christ Jesus loves every human - John 3:16 & animals/pets, too!

Fan of family-friendly Cartoons/Animation, French Chateaux, Tree-Houses & luxe Log Cabins

"I enjoy Blogging (Inspirational Quotes).

Website Design is blissful for me. (Back-end Editing, Graphics, Documents & WordPress Solutions).

So is being a Christmas Stylist/Stager/Decorator

and Visual Artist - Decorative Painter."

"My sense of humor is on display at my Pet Art store."

Also, I am interested in:

real estate investing, real estate/home staging, interior decorating, decorative painting (furniture), flower gardening, textile design, aircraft design, (I admire each design field, really; architectural design to website design), baking (gluten-free) as well as growing vegetables, nuts & fruit

More of my favorites are:

roses, gardenias, paeonia, ranunculuses, bougainvillea, begonias, Disney & Pixar animation, the F-14, Jaguar MK2, Porsche, Ford F450, French furniture & pearls

I appreciate:

the beauty of trees, deciduous & evergreen

each season when it arrives (and dream of snowy December vacations in a luxe, stone & log cabin at a beautiful forest-surrounded estate)

I think butterflies are gorgeous & wonderful, yet I will run from them so that they do not land on me (it's silly fun & doing so makes me smile and laugh at myself).

I enjoy:

collecting beautiful rocks, stones, pebbles (the inner landscaper at work, I guess) & pine cones

creating unusual paint designs on pottery

creating unique, fragrant blends of essential oils and nut butters to use for my body & hair

blogging about other entrepreneurs, freelancers, & businesses to promote their services

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