Michelle Chan

Hong Kong


Anything art-related fascinates me. Staff photographer of Yale Daily News. Reporter and Photographer of Yale Entrepreneur Magazine. Graphic designer at SubLite. Film Productions Designer of the Film Captain Invincible is Dead Movie by Yale Bulldog Productions.

The greatest turning point in my life was my past year at Yale as an exchange student and my summer in San Francisco at True Ventures and Runscope. I fell in love with startup culture and discovered my interest in front-end web design. Startup education is something that is lacking in Hong Kong's education. My goal in the next few years is to impact the startup community at the University of Hong Kong.

I'm also in the process of producing a documentary about the Yale brand, exploring the creation of the Yale typeface and Yale brand design. The documentary features a couple of famous graphic designers including Michael Bierut (Partner of Pentagram), Chris Pullman (Former VP of Design for WGBH), Matthew Carter (creator of the Yale typeface, Helvetica Compressed, Verdana, Georgia & Tahoma), and other people. If you're interested in the Helvetica documentary, you'll probably love this one too :)

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