Michelle L. LeBlanc

Los Angeles, CA

I am a writer, a reader, a shopper, a baker, an excellent lasagna maker, and a chronic living room rearranger. I love tech, and fashion, and beauty, and the ocean, and the sun, and my big family, and my iPhone, and Moleskine notebooks, and a medium-point roller ball gel pen.

I am passionate about technology and fascinated by the way people integrate it into the functions of their daily lives. I have 16 years of digital marketing experience, in the retail, real estate, automotive, and financial services industries. My expertise in web product management, mobile app development, social media, and content marketing has contributed to the success of companies like Edmunds.com, Move.com, Farmers Insurance, and technology and ecommerce startups.

For more about my career, see http://www.michellemagoffin.com/resume