Michelle Ransom

building and fixing in Toronto

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I build, fix, or invent – towards missions I can get behind.

My super-power is identifying possibility through conversation. I engage colleagues to reimagine what is possible, and how we might get there. Showing up with curiosity and respect is important to me – in consulting, health, finance and not-for-profit sectors,

>>>What does “fixing” look like?

· Reduced annual operational costs by 46% for not-for-profit (NFP) network of 40 programs

· Redesigned FTE into part-time roles, for diversity, impact and employment

· Renegotiated vendor contract, ending a 5 week delay on a $1MM per month project, for health insurance client.

· Led a “Reduction In Force” (~600) team in a unionized environment

>>>What does “building” look like?

·Turnaround for adult literacy program hub (as Executive Director)

· User adoption via experiential Change Management interventions, online communities, and partnerships for mergers and tech

· Coaching community leaders making #pandemicpivots, building new programs or improving existing operations.

>>>How about “inventing”?

I have "invented" #pandemicprojects to make a difference, at no cost to you:

1) Solution-Focused Brief Coaching: Book 30 min to reframe re: operations, projects, career, pandemic pivots. Clients include social services, community arts, food security, a start-up, and 100+ individuals.

2) Write 5 word sentences for self-knowledge in my Guided Journaling group here with 650+ people.

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  • Education
    • London School of Economics - Masters of Science
    • U of T Solutions-Focused Brief Coaching
    • ​MaRS - Lean Startup Entrepreneurship
    • University of Saskatchewan - Bachelors of Commerce
    • UW Madison School of Business - Lean Six Sigma LSS