Michael Gorman

Volunteer in the United Kingdom

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After a long and varied work career I am back on the market looking for a new challenge. I spent many years in Indianapolis, Indiana but I am now living in England again.

After returning to England I spent 5 years working with the Probation service, working with offenders with drug addiction issues. I volunteered for 6 years for Wiccaweys border collie rescue, until it came to light that they are abusing dogs! I currently volunteer with Love Underdogs, a UK based charity who rescue and rehome Romanian street dogs.

All of my time is spent with dogs at the moment, that may be a good thing but I could end up forgetting how to speak human.

I have begun my search for employment in earnest now. I am looking at fields with which I am familiar but also casting my net a little wider, I am open to training and education opportunities also.

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