Mick Shemesian

Director in the United States

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Mick Shemesian has been a professional mineral prospector for more than 20 years. Over that time, he has built up a great reputation, based on his record of success as a proven prospector who is deeply involved with the identification, review, and analysis of mineral deposits allover the world. Because of the volatility of most other markets, it has become increasingly important to keep the market for minerals as stable as possible. By helping mining companies maintain stability, prospectors help prop up the economy, even in difficult times, when people turn to minerals like gold and silver as a hedge against stock market downturns.

That makes the maintenance of large stocks of certain mineral resources critically important, which is what makes the job professional mineral prospectors like Mick Shemesian critical. His experience has been lauded by many and he is considered an expert in the prospecting field nowadays. His experience is also global in scope, having plied his trade on four continents, including his home continent of Australia, as well as Asia, Africa and North America. He is not only happy with his job, he is happy he can identify, review, and analyze mineral deposits anywhere in the world with the best of them.