Micky Stuivenberg

I am a copywriter and online communications consultant. My specialty? Writing effective content for small business websites, considering clarity, SEO, marketing and usability.

As owner/director of Australian company Triple W Communications Pty LtdI work for clients anywhere in the world, who find me via my main business website: Content Writer

I am a digital nomad, working from wherever in the world I happen to be.

Having lived and worked in 6 countries on 4 continents, and with a background in marketing and public relations, journalism, copywriting/editing and internet businesses, I am in a unique position to provide full online communication consulting services to businesses operating in English language markets around the world.

Whether you need well-written content for your website, a critical website review, SEO advice or some freelance writing, copywriting or editing services, please visit www.contentwriter.com.au or contact me via one of the channels listed below.

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