Student, Writer, and Social Media Manager in Connecticut

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I am a student, writer, and social media manager currently living in Connecticut. My interests range from photography to writing. I'm married and am a Dog Mommy to a 10 year old lab named Tucker.You can click the button above to read my blog.


Bittersweet. 2008-present. https://miggie825.wordpress.com/

Prose, the writing community:https://theprose.com/Miggie


The Prose Anthologies. Volume 1: #Death. (2015). ebook. Supernova

The Prose Anthologies. Volume 2: #Evolution. (2015). ebook. Nothing is What it Seems to Be.

Prose: The Haiku Edition. (2015). ebook and hard copy. Memoirs of a Dream Lost.

The Prose Anthologies. Volume 3: #Ideology. (2015). ebook and hard copy. Bad Catholic

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