Mihai Toader - Pasti

I am interested in construction, architecture and design on one hand, and on the other, I am passionate about internet, advertising and social media.

Living in Bucharest, Romania, I am the Project Manager of the Romanian team participating at Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 which will take place in Versailles, in June 2014. We have 16 month to design, fundrase, promote and built a solar house that we are going to assamble in only 13 days. More info here..

Previously i was the Student Team Leader of PRISPA, the first Romanian team participating the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, one of the most important competition nowadays promoting the use of solar energy. In September 2012 we participated at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 in Madrid, finished the competition on the 9th place, received the 2nd prize for Energy Efficiency and Public's Choice.

Beside that, I am Associate Member at RoGBC, a non-profit, non-political association which is promoting environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the Design, Construction, Operation, and Deconstruction of Romania's buildings.

To find out more, visit my blog mihaitoader.ro, my construction portal startup contructiiforum.ro or prispa.org.

You already want to hire me? Download my resume here and if you still want to, you can contact me at contact@mihaitoader.ro.