Mikael Is Awesome

Concord, North Carolina

In a land of myth and a time of legend, there lived a- wait, wrong intro.

Mikael is awesome for various reasons. For one, he can drive, which he hears is a pretty big deal. He has caught them all multiple times, makes killer mac n cheese from scratch, is full of random facts on just about any topic, and usually has the coolest hair colour around. When he's taking time off from being awesome (lets face it, thats pretty much never), he enjoys Warcraft, crafting, watching horrible tv and movies, and sleep (which he never gets enough of).

Mikael does lots of art. He's a body piercer and apprentice tattoo artist at Pirates Den Tattoo and Piercing Studio, where he doodles most days. He paints and draws mostly, though he has branched out into sculpture and jewelry crafting. He also doodles on shoes and people have said that it's really nifty. He's availabe for commission.

  • Work
    • Pirates Den Tattoo and Piercing Studio