Paris, France

Long time geek. Helped found a NY Apple startup before Jobs left the first time. Went to Seattle and Microsoft and led Excel, then Office. Did the Windows 95 launch, worked on digital TV strategy, IE, and more I forgot.

Left Microsoft and raced professionally in the CART Atlantic series with Lynx and Buddy Rice. Developed real estate in Seattle and founded a small tech startup too.

Had another Microsoft stint running the Entertainment and Shopping businesses, worked on Bing and commerce, Zune and Xbox Live, filed some patents, etc.

Moved to Paris to run an acquired digital media startup and stayed. Wrote and published an iPhone app (meetbeats).

I love technology, racing, motorcycles, photography, design and music...and especially when they all come together. I ride whenever I can, but usually just on a road bike I have to pedal.

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    • Technology, design, music
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    • NYU