Robert Walton

North Pole

Hello, my name is Robert Walton. I am from London, England. And I desire a new knowledge with which no one has ever known. "I shall satiate my ardent curiosity with the sight of a part of the world nver before visisted, and may tread a land never before imprinted by the foot od man." (Letter 1, pg.1). I am going to search for the earths' s magnetism in the. North Pole or, as some may call, the eternal light. But I do have a problem that may never be satisfied, the lack of fellowship (pg 4). However when I do go on this voyage to this unknown majestic place, I will have a crew of sailors to testify my endeavors. But also at the same time I am hopefull and faithful that I will have success (pg 4). As I trickle north to the North Pole, while the weather is getting colder amd colder, I begin to talk to these seaman and hunters about what they think about my voyage. At first they were calm and almost blind to the magnitude of this discovery and how this one journey could change their lives; but once againbthis was their firsy reaction. Continuing our joyrney, our ship got stuck in sheets of ice. And the seamen are panicking. They didn't want to die at sea and this showed their real self (pg 9). However the next morning in the cold, all the seamen were cluttered on one side of th ship talking into the sea. They called me, the captain, over and it was an old man on aa sledge (pg 9). I had to bring him into the ship because he was near death looking for some crazy creature that was on a rampage. But isoon realized this man had a profound story to tell.