Mike D. King

Founder in Tennessee

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Mike D. King is a trainer, educator, and mentor who is known for his powers to inspire and to engage. He specializes in a number of technology-related areas, including social media and information security. Renowned for his ability to break down complex topics into easy-to-understand, conversational speech, Mike is also a financial technology (FinTech) thought leader, setting opinion standards and often encouraging the sector in one direction or another. He thinks of himself as a lifelong learner, and he is always looking to pick up new skills to add to his repertoire, which includes already graphics, design, video, PHP, HTML, CSS, data manipulation, and more. Technology flows through his blood.

Mike enjoys getting up in front of a crowd and taking them on a journey through his mind. He is used to connecting with people, as a columnist for Financial IT and as a professional radio announcer. Diligent in his own self-development, Mike revels in any opportunity to help others to find their path to greatest success. In college, he studied public relations, psychology, and information security, all coursework that has come to influence his current perspective of the technology sector and of the world at large.

Mike speaks at industry events often, and his company is in the process of designing a training platform as well. He works hard to stay abreast of all the latest developments in technology, providing you with an easy, fun shortcut to do the same. Check out his website and take a look at his speaking engagements schedule today.

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