Michael Shawn Phillips

BDC Expert, Digital Marketing Executive, and Public Speaker in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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★ Digital Strategist ★ General Sales Manager ★ Automotive BDC Expert ★ Sales Trainer ★ Minister ★ Blogger ★ Podcast Host ★ Everyday Superhero ★ Mike Phillips ★

One of my personal and business goals is to make a positive impact on people. Make an impact on my family, on other people, businesses, and in my community.

I am a Digital Strategist and former General Sales Manager in the auto industry. I am considered by many an expert in automotive call centers and phone sales (BDC). I’ve done just about everything in an automotive dealership setting, and I still really enjoy selling cars! I love the study of psychology and the art of sales and negotiation (and there is an art to both).

I enjoy public speaking on motivation, goal setting, social media marketing, sales training, and leadership. Getting others pumped up and fired up excites me. I love any area involving personal development and being able to grow and push others to the top of their game.

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