Latham, NY

Born in Southern California, raised in Upstate New York, and College in North Carolina has made me quite diversified from my slightly southern accent, quick NY draw, and the pioneer spirit of the west (Not to mention my love for barbeque and country music!). I have a beautiful wife and 2 sons who are the joy of my life. I've learned that it's all about relationships. Life isn't about the stuff we have but the relationships and friendships we cultivate along the way.

I'm second generation in the mortgage business and 3rd generation entrepreneur. I enjoy the thrill of business and the challenges of an ever changing industry. I'm always striving to be teachable and truly value the fathers and mothers, mentors, and brothers and sisters that have continually poured their wealth of experience and wisdom into me. Radical Honesty, the bold and fearless pursuit of my hopes, dreams, and personal growth, held together by a belief in the One greater than ourselves makes up the foundation of my life both personal and business.

I hate wearing masks. My continual aim is to be the same Mike Rankin in every aspect of life...whether at home, work, gym, and with both friends and clients. As Joe Petrowsky recently put it, "I'm ok with me".

The nitty gritty is that I'm a Mortgage Consultant. I've spent almost my entire life around the mortgage business. If you are in the mortgage or real estate world you can probably relate when I say that there is just something about it that keeps drawing you back. A love of the game so to speak. The pressure, challenges, competition, and love of being around people and helping to make their dreams a reality. To see their eyes light up and the gratitude when you get them to the closing table is priceless. Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of, "why did I get into this business again" but it keeps calling me back for more.

I am currently licensed in NY state and can and will help someone in any corner of New York. I've done all types of loans from regular conventional, FHA, FHA streamlines, VA, VA IRRLS, USDA, HARP AND HASP, Jumbo loans, Manufactured home loans, and 203K home improvement loans. Both Purchase and Refinances. I'm a fighter and there is no client that I won't fight to help!

The mission is to make a difference one life at a time and not forgetting about what is most important along the way.

Right Trac Financial Group NMLS#1120429

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    • Branch Manager & Mortgage Consultant