Mike Silva

I spent 25 years managing small to medium sized offline businesses including owning a couple of my own along the way. I have been working exclusively online for the past 11 years helping businesses either create or enhance their online presence. This included helping companies build and manage administration, support, ecommerce and online marketing systems.

I have spent the past four years working alongside Bob Yeager "the founder of The WEST Program". A quick Google search of Bob’s name will tell you all you need to know.

During thiis time I have honed my skills in the areas of business blogging, content creation, social media and video marketing, keyword and market research and more.

In the past year I have taken this to a whole new level by offering my unique brand of hands on interactive blogging consulting to a select few entrepreneurs eager to learn and willing to work.

My strong project management skills, calm and collective nature and organized efficient approach to business have allowed me to tackle and successfully complete the most difficult of projects on time and on budget.