Mike Sosner ACIM

Property (Real Estate) and Intellectual Property in Swansea, United Kingdom

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I am a former transport professional who moved his business into property, who remains a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport and consult to a single client, although I don’t offer my services to the market, in this respect.

My present-day interests are principally in property, both Real Estate and Intellectual Property.

These are a modest property portfolio www.veganlettings.co.uk managed under the trading name Vegan Lettings, so called because it began as a company to provide lettings for a vegan social project in 2003, then expanded to serve all tenant classes.

I trained within the Industry extensively, and still do, following Robert Kyosaki’s lead that however successful he has become, he continues to train and learn one or two times/year.

In 2011 I realised that I had been helping people in their dealings with property over time. The business www.psiw.co.uk and the website (PSiW) emerged. In 2017 I would state it serves three functions:

(1) to solve property problems for buyers and sellers using the extensive toolkit and network of contacts I have acquired over the years.

(2) property deal-packaging for investors. This naturally extends from (1) where a solving a property problem or set of problems may create an attractive proposition for an investor. I have focussed local expertise within the Swansea Bay region with sometimes openings for new clients and at others, not.

(3) to help inventors and innovators to to take forward their intellectual property. I am now on my third project of this kind, at present dealing with the IPO to Trademark a Brand. I was appointed an Associate Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in recognition of my work in this field and I also made a presentation that won a prize for the first inventor I worked with at the “People’s Pitch”, a Welsh Dragon’s Den.

If you have an invention for which you would like help taking forward the business case, then please get in touch. The first step would be for us to see if we feel we can work together, and the second would be if I can get as excited about the invention as you are.

My partner Jean is the secretary of a North Yorks theatre company and I love the theatre and creative Arts.

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