Mike Fitzpatrick


I have been in real estate since 1994. However before that in all of my professions it felt like I was meant to do something else. Getting into real estate was a huge step in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, the money was good; however the real satisfaction came from the smiles on my client’s faces. What was more surprising were the referrals that I was accumulating. My clients thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Whenever I meet up with them, they were always curious about my business and how great of a job I did. I take education very important. Every month I take a different class. Whether it’s keeping up with the market, new advertising ideas, or networking with other successful agents. The more educated I become, the better negotiator I become for you!

I am currently on the board of directors for our office. Please call me if you are looking to buy or sell in PA/NJ Mike 267 549 2505