Michael Agosh

My goals are to start and build a successful video game development studio in New York with my brother after graduating college.

The Video Game sector is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry, and continues to grow consistently year after year. Last year alone, it generated $60.4 Billion. Agi Games is here to shake up the industry with our new gaming titles and franchises as well as our unique, engaging stories and gameplay elements. We will be a multiplatform developer focusing on core game experience. Agi Games' first title will be a multiplatform survival horror game, complete with a deep campaign and multiplayer game modes. We are Jeff and Mike Agosh founders of Agi Games. We have played video games our whole life and have grown to be very passionate and knowledgeable about the industry. With Full Sail, we built a deep and far-reaching network of Full Sail Alumni and gaming industry experts. We know we are the right people for this venture because we think from both sides of the business, and know what the customers want. Agi Games is currently seeking startup investments.

Specialties: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Keynote, Video Game Expert