Michael Aikins

For more than two decades, I have been at the forefront of technology and change initiatives in capital markets that have supported organisational growth, strengthened infrastructure and governance, and turned around internal staff and perception issues. I have conceived new ideas to strengthen core business services, built strong and compelling cases for change, juggled the discrete aims of groups with diverse agendas, and boosted and sustained the morale of teams despite periods of unrest and consolidation. For over 10 years I have provided focused strategic consulting advice to major corporations around the world. I have an extensive networks of clients across Asia and Europe and as such have a deep knowledge base surrounding the regulatory, governmental and business issues surrounding the de-regulation of capital markets in these regions For the past decade I have devoted my energies into growing a thriving international consultancy specialising in the unique needs of global corporations. I have assumed interim roles as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Board Appointed Strategy Advisor and Chief Enterprise Architect. In these roles I have acted as a strategic advisor to the Board, lead the integration of disparate infrastructures, designed cloud based fabrics for high performance computing, scalable systems and networks, and turned around stalled projects to strengthen core processes and establish the relationships and business links to IT. In all cases these roles were considered crucial to sustaining the enterprise’s strategic goals and visions.