Mike Akerele

Copywriter, Internet Marketer, and Business Consultant in Ibadan, Nigeria

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Hey there! I’m Mike. I’m a Copywriter living in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Mike Akerele (AwesomeMike) is also an Internet Marketer and a Business Consultant.

He uses his COPYWRITING skills to write money producing SALES COPIES to sell his client's products and services.

That's not all...

He also specializes in setting up a STANDARD FACEBOOK Page and helping his clients run a Converting Facebook Ads that generates crazy sales for his clients.

He is a writer with a difference because, he writes to SELL.

He is into the business of growing people's business capacity and skill development.

He also teaches all he does on the internet and gives the blueprint of how he makes money online out to people to replicate the same results he has.

And he is concerned about YOU growing your business either online/offline and seeing you DOUBLE UP your profit.

He has used different tools to grow his business and clients' own online and he can help you achieve the same results when you reach out to him.

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