Mike Amerson

I live in Las Vegas, but not in the center of the city- closer to Red Rock National Park. I don't gamble but i do hike a lot during the spring and fall, when its cooler, it is my zen.

I love life, I enjoy what i do in both work and free time. I found the keys to success come through passion, patience, persistence. I also know that having a balance: Mental, Physical and Spiritual is key to gettting the most out of life and I live by that. I'm a firm believer in the statement "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy" and with that i move forward each day - getting closer to my goal of dominating IOS games and app space.

I've worked in videogames for 11 years on games you may have heard or played like Star Wars and Call of Duty. I appreciate almost all forms of art but my expertise is in 3D and digital art. I'm an entrepreneur - Co-founder and president of WET Productions, an indie iPhone game development studio and the creative force behind the popular iphone games: My Virtual Girlfriend and My Virtual Boyfriend games.

MY hobbies are: Game development, rock climbing, hiking, photography, Art, jet skiing, fitness, martial arts and video games.

Feel free to connect with me anytime - on any of the below social networks.