Mike Anaya

I am a happy parent of Cyrus, a handsome boy. I am happily married to Mary. I am a proud 1/2 Native American Indian, 1/2 Hispanic from Isleta, an Indian reservation south of Albuquerque N.M. I was a professional baker for 7 years, making wedding cakes, fine European pastries, and breads. I was a singer/songwriter in 3 different bands I helped create over a span of 11 years. I loves riding and working on my chopper. I graduated with awards from the Art Institute of Colorado. I can remember the joys of playing pong, and Atari back in the day, and the excitement of video game play has never left. I've been a artist most of my life. I was taken under the wing of my best friend Phillip, and have now been in the video game industry for 11 years. If you see me in your rear-view mirror, move over. I'm probably going faster than you are.