Mike Antoni

I'm an Internet Marketer and Copywriter. I'm obsessed with ads. I mean, I really love them. I'm excited whenever I see a new infomercial on TV. I'm also an information junkie so I buy a LOT of stuff. I think all good sales people respond to a good pitch.

I am really good at selling stuff. My brain is just weird like that. I know how to turn a product into a best seller using proven marketing principles.

I love helping people start new businesses, advertise on the internet, create marketing systems... and other fun stuff like that.

In my core I'm an entrepreneur. Over the last year I have undergone some amazing life changes which have freed me up to focus on my dreams. I want to help everyone I can achieve their dreams.

And even though my business provides me with SO much fun, for even more fun I write books (my first book will be published next summer) screenplays and even some poems.

I plan on making my first feature film this year as the writer/director/producer. I love multi-slashes.

Oh and I'm also a Christian but not an in your face kind. Just live a quiet lifestyle and let my actions speak.