Photographer in England, United Kingdom


Photographer in England, United Kingdom

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If you are looking for a Mike Armstrong, then chances are I'm the one you are looking for...

Yes, I live in the UK, yes, I went to school in Garstang and Fleetwood, yup, I joined the Royal Navy and was known there as 'Stretch'.

"Yes, but....are you the one who worked at Bombardier...?"

Yes, that's me as well. I started at ADtranz, ABB then Bombardier (same company, different investors..!).

"Naa, the Mike Armstrong I know worked at CSC."

erm...that could me me also. When Bombardier outsourced their IT to CSC, I was part of the baggage that got carted across.

"So you are the same Mike Armstrong that left CSC and worked at PBSL in York, Guyson in Skipton, and now works at Exova..?"

Yup, the same. So if I'm right (and I sometimes am.) it would seem you have found me...!

Now that you have invested all the effort and in finding me, can I suggest you get in touch...!!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.