Mike Arone

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

My name is Mike Arone and I am the owner of Boston Scally Company. I grew up the youngest of three brothers in small home six miles west of Boston in the City of Waltham. Growing up in a blue collar home under close quarters helped my brothers and I realize the importance of loyalty, tradition and culture.

My father always wore, what Bostonians call, a scally cap on his head. Some call this a flat cap, and ivy cap or a newsboy cap. This type of headwear was more than just a piece of wool to cover your head, it was something that defined the tough, rugged and sarcastic culture of Bostonians.

For years we would steal his caps and wear them. Many years later, in 2012, I decided to start a company that gave Bostonians (and those alike) their very own piece of Boston culture.

A Boston Scally Co. cap.