Mike Arria

My name is Michael Arria and I am a resident of Wilmington, Massachusetts. Currently, I attend the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as an Undergraduate Economics Major.

Throughout my life I've had a many different of jobs ranging from maintenance, to food serivce, to warehouse work; pretty much anything you would find a young male student doing to get by. I have never been totally sure of what exactly I want to persue as career post-graduation as most of the jobs I've had throught my life have not been anything I'd like to make a career out of.

In the summer of 2013, I applied as a bank teller at Century Bank. Century Bank has about 30 branches around the Boston Area. After getting hired as a seasonal teller, I was introduced to the world of banking. As an Economics Major, I can see myself maybe staying in the banking world. Working at a close-knit company like Century Bank has been a great experience and has really helped me think more about my future; especially as the bank has many opportunities for promotion. Whether my future be with Century Bank or elswhere, these next few years will be crucial in me deciding the rest of my life.

  • Work
    • Century Bank
  • Education
    • Wilmington High School
    • Umass Amherst