Mike Awl

Mike Awl is a technology writer who hopes to be part of the "scene" with Venture capitalists some day.

It was fun yesterday watching these quotes from Pando's Sarah Lacy spread across Twitter last night, each person discovering it afresh, so that every time I checked Twitter, there was always someone having a bad feeling.

Sarah Lacy, founder of tech news site Pando Daily, which is based in San Francisco, said “If I had more friends who were BART drivers, I would probably be very sympathetic to their cause, and if they had more friends who were building companies they would probably realize we’re not all millionaires, and we’re actually working pretty hard to build something.”

She said the BART strike exacerbated what she sees as a philosophical divide in the Bay Area. “People in the tech industry feel like life is a meritocracy. You work really hard, you build something and you create something, which is sort of directly opposite to unions.”

GOOD STUFF. San Francisco used to be a great city, and now it is populated by Fountainhead enthusiasts-- like Sarah Lacy-- who know how to run everything.

I also enjoyed the other guy who said his developers were joking about how they were like "wait I'll quit this stupid job computer-jockeying go for one of those amazing BART salaries." This is him: