Mike Azcue

When you meet Mike Azcue, WorldVentures Co-Founder and CEO, you have met one of WorldVentures best. Mike Azcue, along with Wayne Nugent, has created a lifestyle company that has helped tens of thousands Make a living...Living!

Prior to founding WorldVentures, Mike Azcue was already a network marketing success story, opting to pursue a full-time career in the industry after he graduated with his bachelor's degree in 1995. By Mike's 3rd year, he developed and training more than 100,000 sales representatives in 14 countries and was responsible for $100 million in sales.

In another pursuit, Mike Azcue directed the sales and marketing team and was eventually promoted to president of operations, a position marked by the company's growth and international expansion under his leadership. Mike Azcue currently leads WorldVentures with a strong business acumen, earning Mike the respect from leaders throughout the direct sales industry. Mike was recently added to the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters International and sits on the advisory board for Hug It Forward.

About WorldVentures

WorldVentures is a company that focuses on marketing travel related products. Combining the power of the Internet with the time-tested strength of word-of-mouth marketing, WorldVentures is a leader in the leisure travel industry. WorldVentures is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas.

WorldVentures was born out of the inspiration of company founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. Mike and Wayne envisioned a company that would combine the power of the Internet with the power of a direct selling organization to create something truly unique.

Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue assembled a team of experienced professionals and launched WorldVentures on December 10, 2005. Since then, the company has enjoyed incredible success and rapid growth. In 2009, WorldVentures expanded into several countries throughout the world.