mike barish

Mike Barish is a freelance travel writer, host and regular contributor to Gadling and MyCityWay. His work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Budget Travel, World Hum, One+ and National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. He hosted Chevrolet’s Cruze-arati web series and the Mike & Alex’s Travel Show podcast. He also appeared in SOYJOY’s Real Take On series.

Mike covers culture, food and the humorous pitfalls of travel. Since 2008, he has written SkyMall Monday, a regular feature for Gadling, in which he reviews the wildest and weirdest products found in the SkyMall catalog. He also regularly tests and reviews travel gear focused on soft adventure (hiking and camping most frequently), as well as bizarre and outlandish products in the travel industry.

He appeared on CBS News and NBC New York as an expert on SkyMall products.

His reel is available online here.

Mike is based in New York City where he lives with his fiancée and their two dogs.