Mike Beacham



Career Overview

Skilled Manager and Administrator with technical experience.
Excellent IT, computer, software and organizational skills.
Highly productive both individually and in group management.

Skill Highlights

Sales, Marketing, Media:
Customers, suppliers, private and governmental communications.

Agreements and Contracts:
Negotiations, Legal Documentation and Fulfillment.

Business Management:
Entire Scope Analysis and Critical Path Scheduling.
Project Productivity, Procurement and Job Cost Analysis.
Banking Relationships and Cash Flow Management.

Real Estate and Property:
Ownership, Planning, Development, and Management.

Construction and Engineering:
Highway/Heavy, Utilities, Mining, Commercial and Project Design and Build,
including: Asphalt, Concrete, Earthwork, Marine, Water and Sewer Utilities
and Plants, Aviation, Surface Mining and Manufacturing
Operations and Commercial Buildings.

Core Accomplishments

Managed and built regional company operations with responsibilities for over 430 employees.

Transportation infrastructure projects; experienced with NCDOT, VDOT, and associated agencies.

Worked with energy technologies and the development and release of efficiency products.

Professional Experience

Extensive and diverse career including: Professional migration upward through many positions of responsibility and authority including: Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager, Estimator, Contract Administrator, Project Engineer, Vice President, President, CEO and owner, with the corresponding and appropriate experiences and skills gleaned from those positions of problem
solving and productivity.


North Carolina State University
Civil Engineering - Construction Option
Bachelor of Science, BS-CEC
Vice President of Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)