Mike Benny

Music flows within me.

My exploration in music performance began with a few plastic toy guitars, drumming on pots and pans, and banging on giant popcorn tins. Luckily, I soon discovered a mint 1980's maple Gretsch set in storage at my grandmothers house- not the typical set for a beginner. My uncle left it behind when he moved to LA for music engineering. I quickly acquired the whole kit with cymbals, hardware, sticks and all. The days of playing with a single floor tom and my grandmas knitting needles were happily over. Most of my early drumming was learned from Carmine Appice's "Realistic Rock" book that I also dug up in storage. In 6th grade, I was drumming with my brothers high-school friends and throughout the years I would constantly audition for any opportunity to drum. I played in jazz band, concert band, wind-ensemble, orchestra, marching band, pit band, etc. My experiences continued to grow, but my love and comfort for playing music was always in rock n roll.

Coincidently, on my 18th birthday, I played my first bar gig. This was the beginning of many stage appearances for me in the Buffalo music scene. I also played and recorded with a few different bands over the years. Recently, I've had a burning desire to write and perform my own songs. This led me away from my drum throne. I've always written lyrics and poems over the years, but I was never able to voice them to my band mates. Finally, I decided it was time to pick up a guitar, use my voice (literally) and start my own project. Here it is. Enjoy!

P.S. You won't find me on facebook, twitter, or any of the other anti-social sites. It's pathetic and disheartening that having an actual intellectual conversation is a thing of the past.