Mike Billington

Mike Billington injects a unique, politically savvy history into his current position as Senior Government and Community Affairs Manager at San Francisco’s CitiScape Management Group. Billington is a specialist in public affairs who has been grooming his skills since 1998, when he served as Public Relations Coordinator for San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. While working at the office of the mayor, Billington was responsible for coordinating actions of various groups that handled affairs both inside and outside of the political machine. Billington prepared senior staff prior to press conferences, and generally ensured that everything in the organization ran smoothly. In 2001, Mike Billington became Mayor Brown’s Public Relations Manager, expanding his already extensive efforts within the mayor’s office to include a more strategic position that had greater influence on tactical political decisions. As PR Manager for Brown, Billington helped create public affair policies that increased economic growth in San Francisco. Under Billington’s influence, the city hosted more special events and seamlessly integrated dueling political agencies with community leaders and nongovernmental organizations with a degree of succinctness that hadn’t been seen in years. Billington had an ability to cross organizational divides and bring groups together in a spirit of cooperation that was normally lost among political disorder. After six years serving in the office of Willie Brown as a public relations specialist, Billington transitioned into Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration in 2004. Billington became the Deputy Director of the office of the mayor under Newsom. Billington used the knowledge he had gained over half a decade spent communicating between city officials and political organizations to bring important strategic policy vision into the new mayor’s office. Billington stimulated the San Francisco economy with his work in Newsom’s office, helping facilitate communication between the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors and the city’s agency department heads. In 2006, Mr. Billington moved from the mayor’s office to his current position in the private sector, where he works with government agencies, elected officials, community groups and the media to actively represent the real estate needs of CitiScape Clients.