Mike Brunt

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Mike’s Server Engineer Bio

Mike is often asked if he gets nervous about some of the responsibilities he has, people’s e-commerce systems which, if they’re not operating, mean that the company is not making money, but the most challenging part of his career was working in teleradiology, where there was a central radiology reading unit in a southern California location with 11 hospitals that would send medical images in to this single point for reading, and Mike was given the job of re-engineering the whole network with a few partners. It was the most nerve-wracking moment in his whole career, as the night they did the switch-over from the old to the new network after they had done everything they could possibly do (meticulous planning and fall back if anything went wrong) for a perfect switch over. When the switch was thrown, there was an ominous silence for about 5 minutes. Images started to come in from emergency rooms from the 11 hospitals (meaning these were people who were in urgent, critical conditions with their lives depending on this connection), so once this day was over, Mike never felt the need to panic again, simply because planning, anticipation, and Plan B were the things that needed to be absolutely 100% perfected, and this was something he knew how to do well. Because of his expertise in these 3 things regarding servers, Mike has worked with:
1. Adobe
2. Healthcare Partners Inc.
3. Macromedia
4. The FAA
6. eBay
7. AT&T
8. Discovery Education
9. Royal Bank of Scotland

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