Michael Carr

Oh, hey! You came! Thanks for stopping by. Here to learn a bit more about Michael Carr? You're in the right place! I'm his bio, by the way. Nice to meet you. I could tell you SO MUCH about him. Stuff he probably doesn't want you to know, like how at age five, he...sorry. Off topic there! I should tell you the important information about Mike. Check this out. Here is my "official" sounding part:

MIchael Carr is a an actor/comedian/emcee based in Orlando, FL. He studied at UMass Amherst where he earned his bachelors degree in Theater. After college, Mike studied improvisation and comedy in Chicago at the iO (formerly Improv Olympic) Theater where he also performed regularly with the improv team "Revolver." Mike also co-wrote and performed sketch comedy at The Second City. He currently works at the Walt Disney World Resort as an actor in several shows and is an ensemble performer at SAK Comedy Lab, where he currently serves as Artistic Director.

Huh? Official and professional sounding, huh? Well, that's my job. Mike has me greet everyone who shows up here. Thanks for coming over. Mike is constantly doing new things so come on back sometime! I'll be here...