Mike Cherng

Currently a Digital Projects Director at a independent integrated marketing agency with offices in Greater China and abroad. My personal character traits that I have sharpened / learnt over the years that I believe are crucial are:

- Integrity – My ‘YES’ is a ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’. If it is my mistake, I will admit and rectify and not blame others.

- Not a ‘YES’ person – I will always speak up my mind respectfully to management / colleague / clients if I felt something can be improved or is not right.

- Avid Reader / Fast Learner – On a daily basis, I will spend an average of 2 hours digesting through 80 websites + RSS feeds + Twitter feeds. Topics covered are technology, web, social media, marketing, entrepreneur… I am an Audible.com subscriber for over 2 years now and consume management / business book on a monthly basis.

Thanks to a 'failed' venture, which gave me some good learning experience on both Employer / Employee mindset – helped me to be a good leader at workplace (my counseling experience helps too)

Just recently, I began to realize the value of cross-disciplinary experience and how it add perspective to the work. From technical, counselling, sales, account servicing, project management, business development and self reading on marketing, business management has added dimension to how I look at a problem and solutions. Gotta do more, gotta read more...

Currently pursuing Project Management Professional certification and self learning MBA studies with focus on strategy

Married to a wonderful wife, Betsy Teo