Mike Chivington

South East Kent

Since the dawn of time, or more accurately, around five years ago, I have been educating myself in the arts of graphic design, and web development. Initially, I wanted to be able to do "cool stuff" to my own photographs, but then progressed onto advertising pieces for local businesses and promotional work for gigs.

In the early part of 2012, I discovered web design and development and threw myself right into it. Using various tutorials, forums, practise, and plain-old trial and error, I developed my skills in HTML (inc. HTML5), CSS (inc. CSS3), JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, and responsive design.

My philosophy when it comes to design and development is "always learn the hard way first". It is entirely possible that this, at least partly, comes from some deep-seated self-hatred, but first and foremost I believe that it is impossible to understand and justify the use of "easy" methods until you have a grasp of why they are easy. Learning the hard way first has made me a better designer and developer.

  • Education
    • East Kent College, University of Westminster