Michael Christensen

Teacher in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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Hi, I'm Mike, a 60-year-old guy who has been married to the love of my life, Lynette, for 33 years. We both love to work with kids and adults in our service to God. I'm a graduate of Denver Seminary with MA's in Philosophy of Religion and Theology. Before that I was an exercise physiologist who worked with cardiac patients. Eons ago I was a junior-senior high teacher of physical education and science. I started this blog to talk about things that are of utmost importance to me--God and our relationship with him. My ultimate identity is that of a Christian first and a thinker second. I believe my best service to God is to combine those two identities and talk with others about God and our relationship with him. Some of the areas I feel best qualified to talk about are philosophy of religion (the evaluation of religious truth claims), theology (sin, original sin, holiness, and most other topics), faith & reason, open theism, and apologetics (evidence for and defense of the Christian faith). Anything that comes close to those areas is fair game--let's talk!

  • Work
    • Educator, Exercise Physiologist, Theologian
  • Education
    • Philosophy of Religion, Theology, Exercise Science, Natural Sciences