Michael Coleman

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in Dallas, Texas

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My name is Michael Coleman, a fitness coach as well as nutrition expert. This is not your typical fitness or wellbeing website blog. I am not going to promise you will lose 20 pounds in 20 days and neither am I going to promise (or even suggest) that you will go as of having a beer belly to having ripped, six pack abs by doing crunches. The truth is that you can get in (and stay in) ideal shape by eating properly as well as working out or exercising for purely a fraction of the moment … but it does still take work as well as effort. Like many, I am busy you'll find lots of additional essential things in my life than working out. In order to get in the suitable shape of your life, you require to approach your fitness as well as weight loss goals with solid, tested methods. I’m not saying I’ve got all of the answers, but I do know of a figure of very efficient ways to lose weight as well as to get in shape. The main idea behind the Purely Health website is simplicity. Getting in ideal shape does not have to be complicated. The science behind what we eat, as well as how we live is simple to understand and easy implement. So as to’s what Purely Health is all about … providing you with the suitable knowledge as well as practices in an easy to implement (will actually get finished) method. Thanks, good luck as well as speak soon