Michael Combs


· American AirlinesLine Maintenance Technician – Miami International Airport, Florida: 10/1990 to present - Currently working for American Airlines at Miami International Airport as a Line Maintenance / Avionics Technician. I'm current on all 5 of our current fleet types for American Airlines. I have vast experience servicing our Boeing 737, 757,767,777 aircraft. I'm LMP qualified, run up taxi on 757 and 767 aircraft. I have worked for American Airlines as an A&P / Avionics Technician for over 21 years. I have worked in aviation as a technician for over 26 years. I have experience working line maintenance, out of service aircraft hanger maintenance, A, B, C and heavy C check inspections, engine changes, flight control replacement and rigging, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, all power plant maintenance, I have structural repair and fabrication experience. Using AMM, WDM, FIM, IPC, ECOs, Engineering requests, special equipment manuals, schematic and all of maintenance manuals, I'm able to identify and troubleshoot problems, locate the required information and to accomplish the task correctly within deadlines and within the FARs. I inspect, repair, modify, accomplish temporary repairs, ECOs, and servicing of commercial aircraft. I can troubleshoot complicated mechanical and avionics systems and to accomplish those repairs to meet flight schedules. I always pay attention to details and I enjoy working as part of a team. I enjoy traveling to other countries to make repairs for out of service aircraft because I welcome the challenge and the pressure it takes to get our planes back on schedule with minimal support or assistance. I pride my positive attitude, work ethics and teamwork from the years I served in the United States Air Force as a F16 Crew Chief.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: American Airlines – October 1, 1990 - Tulsa, OK- Overhaul Base, Heavy C check overhaul work, then transferred into Line Maintenance in Miami, Florida. From1991 to present, Performing aircraft maintenance and avionics systems repairs and inspections, basic structural repairs, overhaul and heavy out of service work experience. American Airlines Avionics Maintenance Training- Dallas, Texas12/1991, Avionics training school, theory, troubleshooting, test equipment, connectors, communication, auto pilot, softsoftware, soldering, gps, electri