Mike Coney

Mike Coney's career in IT and software has spanned more than two decades. It includes working in senior management roles with companies like Sun Microsystems, Veritas, Acronis Software, and others. Mike Coney joined the Board of Directors for Unitrends in September of 2008 and was able to learn a great deal about the companies operations, its history, and its future. Unitrends was founded in 1989 and has been in the backup business for a very long time. Today, it is a company that specializes in IT Protection and Disaster Security Services. Originally, Unitrends was a software development company, but it moved to the physical appliance model a few years ago due to customer feedback. Their goal then, and now, was to improve the customer experience. During the year that Mike Coney sat on the Board of Directors for Unitrends, what he was a massive opportunity that was waiting to be claimed. With the right direction, Unitrends had plenty of room for growth and Mike Coney was proud to be a part of the journey that brought to the top of the industry.

Mike Coney is a fearless leader and a very driven entrepreneur who absolutely believes in seizing the day and taking every opportunity that presents itself. Unitrends' staff, partners, and customers have benefited immensely from this mentality. In the past, Mike Coney has worked asthe President and General Manager of Acronis Software, Senior Vice President of the Americas for Veritas, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Ingres Software Corporation, and a number of other senior leadership or executive positions.