Mike Conway

Gillette, Wy

Mike Conway is your basic attention whore. On a stage, in front of a camera, even just chewing the scenery playing his character in a tabletope RPG, Mike is the kind of person to put himself out there for all the world to see.

Mike is currently on YouTube as Mikelo, speaking his mind on various issues, brining laughs at people's foibles on and offline, giving brief lessons and how-to's, and just in general showing the world to be the interesting place that it is.

He is also the founder of Darkstar Eclectic Media, a company dedicated to producing the best in games and fiction. Mike's philosphy is that there is too much focus on pounding messages and lessons into what could be good fiction, too much trying to make a point, so his own message, as well as Darkstar Eclectic's slogan, is "The Story Matters."

Away from Darkstar Eclectic Media, Mike also runs a hobby business called Forestmaster Games, to use to distribute visual novels (A type of video game that acts as an interactive story, derived from Japan's dating sim games) and other tabletop games.

Mike's current projects, both for DSEM and FG, as well as on his own, include:

Heroes of Oz RPG: The tabletop roleplaying game based on the famous Wizard of Oz books by L. Frank Baum and using the Fudge System.

The Darkstar Universe: An open-source superhero, fantasy, and sci-fi universe made available under a generous Creative Commons license.

Super C: Vlog of a Hero: A live-action webseries about a man who's great at everything he does, except for the one thing he loves most: being a superhero. Mike stars as Super C.

In his personal life, Mike has an inclusive family that showers him with all the love a man could ever need. He is a Libertarian, a Hare Krishna follower, and an ardent supporter of hunger charities.

Mike also lives with Tourette's Syndrome, a disease that causes short circuits in the brain, causing facial, vocal, and sometimes whole-body tics, as well as the well-known saying bad things (15% of all people with TS have this, and Mike wound up with it!). Not content to suffer with it, Mike levereged the disease into his writing and acting. Super C's best friend and sidekick, Coyote Man, is the result of this leverage.