Mike Corrado

MikeCorrado has been a photographer and visual artist for over 35 years and hasrecently celebrated his 29th anniversary with Nikon USA. As the Manager of Nikon Professional Services- Pro Relations and Product Marketing, Mike’sextensive career has included time as a Nikon School instructor, Pro MarketsTechnical Representative and Sr. Product Manager for digital SLR cameras. Mikehas had the great fortune of training, working with and shooting for some ofthe world’s greatest photographers including astronauts from NASA, whilecontributing his own still images and video capture globally within Nikon forproduct promotion, educational materials, product brochures and Nikon’s USA website. Several Nikon education DVDs that Mike has produced have won top industryhonors while “A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting” reached record saleswithin weeks of hitting the market and remains Nikon’s greatest selling DVD ofall time. Mike is also a contributing writer and photographer for Nikon WorldMagazine. Nikon has given Mike the opportunity to travel around the world toamazing locations including Japan, Germany, South Africa, and Vietnam.Assignments have taken him to several Super Bowls, World Series and Indy 500races. He has covered the Kentucky Derby for 14 of 16 years and has worked withthe New York Mets, New York Jets and other local professional sports teams.

Mikehas spent the last several years working on his rock and roll portfolio “RockWorks” as a house photographer for Live Nation at Long Island’s Nikon atJones Beach Theater where he has had access to shooting several thousands ofperformances and over 500 popular bands including the Police, Aerosmith, theDave Matthew’s Band, Carlos Santana, Sting, Nickelback, Shinedown, KISS andmore. Mike’s latest personal project, “Drumer Love”, takes on the challenge ofcapturing dynamic images of the toughest member of any band to shoot, thedrummer. His unique remote camera setups on the drum kits of some of theworld’s most famous drummers including Daniel Adair of Nickelback, BarryKerch of Shinedown, Greg Upchurch of 3 Doors Down and most recently TommyLee of Motely Crue continues to get national acclaim and recognition withinthe music industry. Most recently Mike has worked with Deen Castronovo of Journey and ChuckBurgi of Billy Joel’s band.

Givingback is what it’s all about and Mike has extended his hand and photography todonate his time to those amazing charitable organizations that make a hugedifference in