Mike Cowdin

My name is Michael Cowdin, but you can call me Mike. I'm 28 years old and originally from Cranston, Rhode Island, where I developed and experimented with my passion for music. I was classically trained in the clarinet and alto saxophone, and I have also independently studied the piano, guitar, and singing. As an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, I majored in Public Relations to challenge my marketing and networking skills, as well as make my desire to be a part of the entertainment industry a reality. When I discovered Full Sail University and found that I could concentrate on studies that could be applied specifically to the music business. I acquired an Associates Degree in Business and made the move to Orlando, Florida. Now that I have graduated, I've realized that the classes I excelled in and excited me most were those regarding law, specifically contracts and negotiations. I am currently seeking out entertainment industry career opportunities as well as employment as a legal assistant so I can realize my dream of marrying entertainment and law into a career.