Mike Cuenca

Los Angeles

Mike Cuenca is a self-taught award-winning filmmaker.

He is also the creator of punks, mods, and rockers web series Oblivion, which he co-wrote, edited, produced, directed and acted in.

In 2012 Cuenca completed two features: the absurdist crime yarn Jerry Powell & The Delusions of Grandeur and By the Wayside, an improvised docu-comedy.

He is currently working on ten-thousand screenplays and has one in pre-production. Sporadically Cuenca fictionalizes his life on his blog via his Cuban-American alter-ego: Mac Angelino. When not working on film he performs with his “dark alternative” band Dignitary.

Cuenca’s growing body of work centers around the theme of personal identity with a doze of slapstick absurdity. His biggest influence are the Kuyavians, who invented cheese sometime around 5000BC.