Michael Mike Cully

Executive Director in Portland, OR

Cully then went on to work at MDC Global Consulting, LLC as a Principal. As he worked to grow and repair firms, undertake holistic operations evaluations, and establish strategic business strategies, his skill in global business and entrepreneurship came to the fore.

Mike Cully transitioned from the commercial sector to government work in 2017. As President and CEO of the San Diego North Economic Development Corporation, he rebuilt the company from the ground up, transforming it into a regional powerhouse. Michael Cully also tried to improve the area's competitiveness as a commercial location by providing incentives for local enterprises to stay in town. "[Cully] collected gobs of money for various business efforts, boosted membership dramatically throughout the housing recession, and promoted the heck out of our county," said Eric Coyne, a field representative for California State Senator Melissa Hurtado.