Mike Dillard

The Accountability Factor Drives Entrepreneur Motivation Higher Than Ever Before

Success comes from accountability. There needs to be a sense that someone is watching over a person for them to have enough motivation to do what it takes every single day to be a huge success. There are a few rare exceptions, but nearly anyone who has become extremely successful in their field has largely credited a motivating force- a person who held them accountable and tested their progress.The 7 figure business idea spearheaded by Mike Dillard was predicated on a rather simple formula. Mike and his team would open up discussions with clients (or students) on a variety of topics. They would ask pertinent questions, and Mike would offer transparent answers. He would also outline expectations and goals that should be set and held onto prior to the next email or phone contact. The concept was built on accountability, and the students felt obligated to do everything they needed to satisfy their teacher.In the last year, the team has managed to expand their concept. The problem with personal contact is that it is time-consuming. There has to be a way to bridge that gap of time without devaluing the intimacy and personal nature of a one-on-one communication. Mike's new strategy is not flawless, but it is far more effective for more people. Mike harnesses social media, particularly Google Plus, to deliver more information to more people in less time.Students ask any questions, and they submit these questions to Mike through his program. Mike then selects the most common questions, and answers them in a private video question-and-answer for his students. The feedback and questions are not always vague. Mike actually dissects the question in detail, and uses a student's work through the answering process. For example, Chelsea asks how she can improve the reputation of the front-end of her site. Mike will use her site in the video, and he will go through practical steps that will increase reputation. Students then apply these comments directly to their own project. While some use a web entrepreneur style that is vague and general, mike picks apart the details, and backs it