Mike Drastic

MikeDrastic is a hip-hop artist that injects heavy elements of rock and blues into his music. He is also the founder of the clothing line and music label, Concrete Militia. At 6’4’ 300 lbs, his physical stature combined with the raw growl he injects into his lyrics demands attention no matter where he goes. Part philosopher and part storyteller, MikeDrastic weaves together a musical narrative that draws on his life experiences of overcoming challenges with sheer will, revealing an artist who is talented, intelligent, and genuine.

MikeDrastic has calculated his major push into the music industry shrewdly, spending his time cultivating his craft, learning the business, and studying every aspect he can about humanity. Coming at the game like a hungry tiger, he waits for the precise and perfect moment to burst out on his prey with raw energy, power, and speed. “I approach this game with the mentality that absolutely nothing is going to stop me.”

Mike has shared the stagewith some well-known names and has performed in California, Washington State, BC Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Rimini, Italy (a freestyle at a club that had the crowd jumping). After taking a hiatus from the stage and the scene, he has returned with a brand new self-titled EP, MikeDrastic. A powerhouse of musical style, including lending his own vocal talents to choruses and backgrounds, MikeDrastic is a lyricist whose fans willingly succumb to his primal lullaby.